Cleaning Up Your Ventilation System
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Cleaning Up Your Ventilation System

When I moved into my first place, I couldn't believe how dirty everything was all the time. I found myself dusting and mopping continuously, only to deal with a fresh layer of grime later. After awhile, I realized that the problem was blowing straight out of my air ducts. My ventilation lines were so dirty that it was spreading grime through my house every single time the air clicked on. Fortunately, I called an HVAC contractor who was able to clean my vents to a gleaming shine. I know how big of a difference cleaning up your ventilation system can make, which is why I want to spread the word.


Cleaning Up Your Ventilation System

How To Cut Cooling Costs Without Sacrificing Comfort

Rick Wells

When the temperatures are scorching hot, it is only natural to want to crank up the air conditioner. However, running your air conditioner too much during the summer can lead to very expensive cooling bills. Unless you are fine with paying big bucks to cool your home, it might be necessary to make some changes. Do not worry though; you do not have to feel any less comfortable. Here is some helpful advice on how to cut cooling costs without sacrificing comfort:

Give Your Oven a Break

If you are trying to reduce the cost of your cooling bills, now is not the time to be using your oven. When you cook food in the oven, the heat can spread throughout your home and force your air conditioning system to work harder. During the summer, it is just best to grill outside or use the microwave whenever possible.

Cover Up Your Windows

If you control the amount of light that comes in through your windows, you can reduce your cooling bills. With less sunshine coming in, your air conditioner will not have to work as hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Window coverings can block most of the sunlight from coming into your house, keeping your home nice and cool. Blinds are a popular type of window covering because they absorb sunlight quite well. They also come in various styles, so you can easily choose blinds that fit the decor of your home.

A solar screen is another great option. If you install this screen on the outside of a window, it will trap the heat from the sun and help keep your house at a comfortable temperature.

Plant Some Trees

It turns out that planting trees around your house does more than just increase your curb appeal. They can also prevent the sun from reaching the inside of your home. Consider planting fast-growing trees, such as a weeping willow, to help save on cooling costs.

Install Ceiling Fans

If you do not already have ceiling fans in your home, you may want to think about installing them. These fans are great at circulating cool air evenly throughout your home. If you run these ceiling fans during the summer, you may be able to raise your thermostat a few degrees and still feel comfortable.

Get Your Air Conditioner Inspected

Cooling bills can get expensive if there is something wrong with your air conditioning system. If you seem to be paying more money to cool your house lately, it may be time to call an HVAC contractor. He or she can inspect your air conditioner and determine why it is not running efficiently. After the contractor repairs your air conditioner, it may start running more efficiently.

Do Not Forget to Replace the Filters

It is important to change the air conditioning filters about once a month. When dirt and dust clogs up these filters, it can block airflow and prevent your air conditioning system from running efficiently. For just a few bucks, you can buy new filters and prevent high cooling bills.

Seal Leaks

If there are leaks around your window or door frames, cool air can escape out of your home. That is why it is wise to periodically check your windows and doors for cracks and seal them immediately with caulk.

Dealing with expensive cooling bills can definitely get frustrating. However, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature during the summer does not have to break the bank. If you follow these helpful tips, you can cut down on cooling costs and still stay perfectly comfortable. For more information, contact a company like Allied Mechanical & Electrical, Inc.