Cleaning Up Your Ventilation System
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Cleaning Up Your Ventilation System

When I moved into my first place, I couldn't believe how dirty everything was all the time. I found myself dusting and mopping continuously, only to deal with a fresh layer of grime later. After awhile, I realized that the problem was blowing straight out of my air ducts. My ventilation lines were so dirty that it was spreading grime through my house every single time the air clicked on. Fortunately, I called an HVAC contractor who was able to clean my vents to a gleaming shine. I know how big of a difference cleaning up your ventilation system can make, which is why I want to spread the word.


Cleaning Up Your Ventilation System

Three Ways to Keep Your Home Warm During the Winter

Rick Wells

Heating services in your home allow you to stay warm even when the temperatures outdoors are frigid and uncomfortable. You need to have heating infrastructure in your home that will serve you and access to professionally licensed heating contractors who can keep this infrastructure at its best. To learn a little bit more about the furnace repair and maintenance, in addition to some tips that will help you make your home more conducive to comfort, read below and apply these tips. 

#1: Find a Licensed Furnace Repair Contractor

The time to research furnace repair contractors is before you have an emergency arise. Do your homework to find licensed and insured furnace contractors who you have spoken to personally to verify their expertise and to get some ballpark estimates on how much their services will cost. While the type of repair will dictate the price that you will pay for the service from one of these professionals, you can expect their repairs to cost you anywhere between $53 and $850, according to some national studies. Check these furnace repair contractors' certifications to know that you'll be taken care of once you actually need some work done.

#2: Change Your Heating Filters

In order for your heater to work, you need to be mindful of even its smallest parts. A furnace filter is a very important part because it keeps the system from being blocked by debris that will hinder its productivity. Most homeowners will have to change their furnace filters every few months or so, in order to receive the best results. Furnace contractors can sell you various types of filters depending on your preferences, so ask them for price quotes. These filters will cost you as little as $36 in most cases.

#3: Shore Up Problem Areas

Take a look around your house and find problem areas that might keep your home from being as warm as it can be. If you have cracks, loose windows, and such issues, you will feel a draft that will keep you uncomfortable. You should also inspect your ceiling fans to make sure that they are working as well as they can. Many people do not know this, but installing a reverse mechanism on your ceiling fan to have it go counterclockwise will draw air upward and keep your home comfortable during the winter.

 Use these tips to make sure your home stays warm during even the coldest temperatures, and talk to professionals like Rechtin Tom Heating Air Conditioning for more advice.