Cleaning Up Your Ventilation System
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Cleaning Up Your Ventilation System

When I moved into my first place, I couldn't believe how dirty everything was all the time. I found myself dusting and mopping continuously, only to deal with a fresh layer of grime later. After awhile, I realized that the problem was blowing straight out of my air ducts. My ventilation lines were so dirty that it was spreading grime through my house every single time the air clicked on. Fortunately, I called an HVAC contractor who was able to clean my vents to a gleaming shine. I know how big of a difference cleaning up your ventilation system can make, which is why I want to spread the word.


Cleaning Up Your Ventilation System

Common Questions You May Have Leading Up to Your Furnace Installation

Rick Wells

Having a new furnace installed is certainly exciting. Before long, you'll be enjoying more comfortable, efficient heat. Leading up to the installation date, however, you are sure to have a few questions running through your mind. Here's a look at the most common questions homeowners have prior to a furnace installation -- and the answers. 

Will they install a new thermostat?

The answer to this question depends on what kind of thermostat you currently have. If you already have a programmable thermostat, then chances are good that your furnace installation technician can hook your new furnace up to this same thermostat. However, if you still have an old fashioned, dial-style thermostat, then you'll likely need to upgrade to a programmable thermostat with your new furnace. The cost of the new thermostat may have been included in your estimate if you look closely. If not, have no fear -- they usually only cost between $25 and $80 for a basic model.

How long will the installation take?

If your HVAC technician did not tell you that your installation will take longer than a day, then you can expect it to take one day or less. It typically takes them an hour or two to remove the old furnace and then a few more hours to put the new furnace in place, connect it to the electrical system, and rearrange the ducts to accommodate it.

If your ducts need to be modified or you're installing AC at the same time, your installation may take two or three days. However, your HVAC tech should have told you this during your consultation or estimate.

Will you need to clean up after the installation?

Sometimes homeowners worry about having their furnaces installed before a big party or special gathering because they fear the project will make a mess. But while there may be some less-scrupulous HVAC companies that leave a mess behind, and company that's worth their salt will clean up before they leave. They should wear covers on their boots as they walk through your home so they don't leave any debris on the carpet. Then, they should vacuum up any dust and wipe down your floors after installing the furnace. Note that the majority of the mess should be in the basement, anyways.

Should you provide food or beverages for the furnace technicians as they work?

There's no obligation to feed the contractors. They will typically leave for an hour at lunch time, or take a break to eat in their truck before coming back inside. However, there's no reason why you can't give your HVAC technicians snacks or drinks if you feel inclined to do so. They'll certainly appreciate it, especially if it's warm outside and they've been carrying heavy equipment all day.

Will the new furnace be placed where the old one is?

Unless there is a reason to move your furnace, such as the basement floor underneath the old furnace is crumbling, it will probably be put in the same spot as your old one. If your HVAC tech plans on moving your furnace, they will have to re-run some duct work, which will add to your cost and to the scope of the project. Unless you see these plans written into your estimate, you can be pretty certain your new furnace will be placed in the same place as the old one. Of course, if you want it moved, you can request that your technicians move it. Just make sure you ask about this well in advance of your installation appointment so your technicians can give you an accurate estimate and schedule their day accordingly.

If you have any additional concerns about your furnace installation, talk to professionals at companies like Laroc Refrigeration-Metal Division. It's better to ask and get an answer than to keep worrying until your installation day.