Cleaning Up Your Ventilation System
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Cleaning Up Your Ventilation System

When I moved into my first place, I couldn't believe how dirty everything was all the time. I found myself dusting and mopping continuously, only to deal with a fresh layer of grime later. After awhile, I realized that the problem was blowing straight out of my air ducts. My ventilation lines were so dirty that it was spreading grime through my house every single time the air clicked on. Fortunately, I called an HVAC contractor who was able to clean my vents to a gleaming shine. I know how big of a difference cleaning up your ventilation system can make, which is why I want to spread the word.


Cleaning Up Your Ventilation System

Having A Boiler System Installed Can Help You Next Winter

Rick Wells

If up until now you have been trying to heat your home with a fireplace or wood burning stove, then you may be tired of uneven heat that may not get to certain areas of the home. While you may even have a blower installed, you know the blower simply pushes the warm air out into the room the unit is in, it does nothing to get that warm air where it is needed the most, especially in downstairs areas. If you are tired of fighting the cold in your home all winter long, then this time you may want to do things differently. You should consider learning how a boiler system can help you heat your home more comfortably and efficiently.

What is a boiler system?

A boiler system is a heating system that you can use to heat your entire house instead of having hot and cold spots thanks to the current fireplace or wood burning stove. There are two main parts to a boiler heating system. There is the boiler that is the part that will heat the water and then distribute it to the piping system, which is the second part of the system.

The pipes to the boiler system will be installed in the walls and possibly in the subflooring throughout the home. When the boiler puts hot water through the pipes, the water will travel through the pipes in the walls and flooring which will cause the walls and flooring to heat up. When the walls and the flooring get warmed, that warmth will radiate into the rooms, helping to keep them warm and at the temperature you want.

Why is a boiler system a good choice?

There will be other types of heating systems that you can look into. However, many have chosen to go the boiler route because of the benefits it has to offer. Using a boiler system for home heating can be more efficient than others because water makes a more efficient medium for controlling and maintaining heat than air does, which can lose its warm temperature much faster than water. Also, when you are using a boiler and pipes that carry water, there won't be the concern for air leaks that can go detected for a long time, costing you higher bills until the issue is detected and taken care of.


It's always best to have this system installed before you need it instead of waiting until it's cold and then you will be cold while you are waiting for the system to be installed. Therefore, if you think you want to have a boiler system installed, the sooner you call the better.